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SOUDAL Silirub AQ Aquaria 310ml

Silirub AQ is a high-quality, elastical one-cpmponent joint sealant/adhesive based on silicones for the construction of aquaria and terraria.

£4.73 *

SOUDAL SMX 506 290ml

Glazing Sealant for self cleaning glass bases on SMX Technology. Glazing sealant between glass and all usual frame materials: timber, aluminium, steel and PVC.

£10.21 *

SOUDAL Mir-o-bond 310ml

Mirobond is a high-quality neutral, elastical low modulus single component adhesive / sealant based on special silicone polymers. Very easy to apply - Does not attack back coating of quality mirrors, stays fully elastic after curing, very good adhesion on many materials and almost no smell.

£3.24 *
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