Silicone Range

Silicone Range

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Rainbow Sealant Color 300ml

Silicone Sealant made to Ral Colours. All contain anti-mould properties. For use around Windows and Doors, Kitchen and Bathroom.

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Dow Corning 791

Dow Corning 791 is a one part, weatherproofing silicone sealant that gives excellent unprimed adhesion to most porous and non-porous construction substrates including brickwork, masonry, timber, PVC, glass and most metals.  


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Dow Corning 895

Dow Corning 895 is a component silicone sealant for structural glazing.  Designed specifically for the structural bonding of glass, metal, and other building components.  


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Unibond 7T Silicone

Excellent primerless adhesion to most construction substrates, including synthetic and porous materials such as concrete, brick (glazed and unglazed), glass, tiles, ceramics, anodised and powder coated aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood, treated wood, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC and all uPVC profiles.

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Unibond 7E LMN Silicone

Unibond 7E Silicone Sealant. Low Modulus Neutral Cure. Excellent for perimeter sealing of windows and doors.


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