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Ratchet Strap 5m 800kg


£3.30 *

SOUDAL Fix ALL Turbo 290ml White Promo Pack x 6

***Get 1 FREE Red Caulking Gun (400ml)  with this OFFER***



Fixed in 20 minutes

Adjustable for up to 5 minutes

End strength in 3 hours

Interior and exterior

Solvent free

£24.00 / box(es) *
In stock

Fix All High Tack Promo Packs x 6

* Fix ALL Promo Packs *


The Soudal Fix All High Tack, 6-Pack Promotion.

Each 6-Pack is supplied with a Scratch Card, giving you the chance to win a Ford Ranger Wildtrak (Reg 2019), courtesy of Soudal.

£21.60 / box(es) *
In stock

Fix All Crystal Promo Packs x 6

* Fix All Promo Packs *


The Soudal Fix All High Tack, 6-Pack Promotion.

Each 6-Pack is supplied with a Scratch Card, giving you the chance to win a Ford Ranger Wildtrak (Reg 2019), courtesy of Soudal.

£22.50 / box(es) *
In stock

SOUDAFOAM Gap Filler Gun Grade 750ml

Soudafoam Gap Filler Gun Grade 750ml

Buy 24 cans at £2.80/can

Buy 36 cans at £2.65/can

Buy 60 cans at £2.50/can

£2.80 / Can(s) *
In stock

SOUDAL Multi Wipes (100 wipes)

Soudal Multi Wipes x 100 wipes (Swipex)

Heavy duty non-woven cleaning wipes impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradeable non-ionic surfactants and skin emollients.


£2.88 *

New Valved Particulate Respirator FFP3

Dust Mask FFP3

10 masks in a pack

Single-use respirators against solid and liquid aerosols.

£26.46 *

New Cut 5 Glove 501EC Silver/Black

A Cut Level 5 Grey Liner glove made with cut resistant fiber Glass yarn, nylon and spandex with black polytherene coating at the palm and fingertips.

£2.90 *

New Black Electron Nylon PU Palm Coat

Electron PU Palm Coating for Extra Grip 

£0.65 *

Firm Grip Glove Grade A (Yellow/Black)

  • Nitrile coating provides superior grip
  • Latex-free construction ideal for skin sensitivities
  • Lightweight, breathable construction for all day comfort
£0.65 *

TSX Builders Gloves

Builders Gloves

  • Mixed fibre glove
  • Latex palm coat
  • Ribbed knit wrist
£0.63 *

Sprue Knife (Don Carlos Copy)

Stiff Blade Moon knife for removing excess sprue on Upvc window and door frames, not designed to remove beads. This is a time tested tool for producing a knifed finish to the corner of a uPVC frame.

£8.31 *

Xpert Moon Knife Offer

  • Stainless steel
  • Non slip Cushion handle for comfort & safety
  • Very sharp

Used to remove sprue on UPVC window frames (when used with a sprue guide) or as a general purpose knife. This item is a Knife and is not designed to remove beads. If you need a bead remover see 10 in 1 knife, 32mm Chisel Knife or Don Carlos Pallet Knife

£3.36 *

Xpert 32mm Chisel Knife/Bead Knife

32 mm Stiff Chrome polished chisel blade. Ideal for removing window beads. Cushion grip handle with steel end cap.

£3.99 *

New Flush-Cut, Wood/Metal Multi-Tool Blade Bi Met 32mm

32mm blade for general work. Fine cut blades are designed for a fine, clean cut into wood, plasterboard and many types of plastic.

Type Of Cut:Fine, Straight

Materials: Bi-Metal M42

£2.95 *

New IRWIN Jack Saw 20in Universal 880

The IRWIN Jack Jack Universal 880 Triple Ground Hardpoint Saw is fitted with a high quality C75 steel blade and features a unique Triple Ground tooth design offering up to 25% faster cutting performance than traditional double ground saws. The blade is treated with a water based lacquer providing four times the added protection than conventional anti-rust agents. The handle is a proven design, light and strong with an ultra sonic welded soft-grip for increased hold and enhanced comfort. 90 and 45 degree angles integrated in the handle aid the user when marking out.



£6.85 *

New Roughneck Tri Cut Saw 22in

The Roughneck Hardpoint Handsaws have triple ground teeth for faster cutting. The teeth are heat treated for a longer lasting cutting edge. The saws have a double injected soft-grip handle for comfort and hand protection. The handle is shaped to allow 90° and 45° cutting. Suitable for cutting hardwood, softwood, rough timber, board sheet, wooden worktop and floorboard.



£4.65 *

New OLIVÉ SG-71 Structural Silicone Adhesive

OLIVÉ SG-71 is a neutral-curing Structural Silicone Adhesive, one-part with high modulus and high mechanical properties.

Box Quantity: 12

£5.95 *
In stock

Liniar Approved 700SC LMN Silicone

Liniar Approved 700SC silicone offers a high quality finish to coloured installations. Specially formulated to provide extra tool down time on longer joints. For expansion joints, perimeter pointing window and door frames, sealing roofline areas and general weather sealing.

*Available in cream, cream foil, Irish oak, black*

Box Qty:12

£1.00 *
Old price £1.45
You save 31 %

Liniar Approved 700T LMN Silicone

Liniar Approved 700T silicone is a fast, neutral cure, low modulus sealant.Containing a powerful anti-fungal compound, this silicone prevents mould growth in high humidity areas. For perimeter pointing window and door frames, sealing roofline areas and general weather sealing.

*Available in rosewood and golden oak*

Box Qty: 25


£1.00 *
Old price £1.45
You save 31 %

Simon Gas Vent Controllable 102 Single Glazed

To suit 121mm hole. Single Glazed.

£16.50 *
Old price £25.74
You save 36 %
In stock

Simon Gas Vent DGS/JG Double Glazed

Static Ventilator. To suit 162mm hole. Complete with Stormguard




£28.60 *
Old price £38.22
You save 25 %
Still in stock

Concept Premium Metal Foam Gun

  • Professional tradesman foam gun with above handle flow control allowing one handed use
  • Highly reliable with outstanding air tightness avoiding PU foam hardening
  • Teflon coated needle and adaptor allows easier cleaning and avoidance of PU foam build up
  • Manufactured to high standards from quality materials for expert use
  • Ergonomic grip
£10.50 *

New Easy Air Wedge

Multipurpose inflatable wedge makes fixing and levelling easy. Holds windows, doors, appliances and equipment in place for easier installation. Can be inflated or deflated to ideal pressure to hold the unit in the right position. Core plate technology stops the material buckling or bending.

Tarpaulin TPU
Lifts up to 140kg

£8.93 *

New Glass-O-Meter Trade

  • Cast steel body
  • Comes in a Hard back Carry Case
  • 104mm Opening
  • Double sided rule with imperial & metric

Used to measure glass sealed units without the need to remove unit 

£21.15 *

IRWIN Sabre Saw Blade 10 TPI 150mm Wood & Metal x 5

Irwin Sabre Saw Blades 610R 150mm Metal & Wood Cutting blades offer superior construction and design making them faster cutting and longer lasting. Cuts composition materials such as plastic, pipe, carbon steel and stainless steel. Suitable for use with materials 3.2mm (1/8 in) and thicker.

Length: 150mm.
Teeth: 10tpi.


£6.95 / pack(s) *

Sealfix 40L General Purpose Plastic Tubs (red)

The General Purpose Plastic tubs are ideal for all kinds of work, either in the construction industry or other sectors. General Purpose Plastics tubs combine an optimal resistance and a good flexibility and are very light

£4.46 *

New Stanley Tylon 8m Tape Measure

Stanley Tape Measures


£7.99 *

WOODS POWR-GRIP Vacuum Pump Lifter

WOODS POWER-GRIP Vacuum Pump Lifter

  • 8" Diameter Pad
  • Lifting capacity approximately 57kg
  • Metal Handle
  • Supplied in a heavy duty plastic carrying case 
£86.97 *
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