SOUDAL Fix-All Crystal 290ml

SOUDAL Fix-All Crystal 290ml

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               Fix_All_permantly_flexible                                                  Fix_all_100_transparent                                                   Fix_All_can_be_used_in_contact_with_food
  Fix ALL® remains permanently elastic.          Fix ALL® Crystal is 100 % transparent.                 Fix ALL® Crystal has been tested 
It can perfectly be used as a sealant which            
Ideal if you are in search of an                          and approved to be used as an 
      absorbs high joints movement.                             inivisible sealant-adhesive.                              adhesive or sealant in kitchens. 


Fix All Crystal is a crystal clear, neutral, elastic, single component sealant/adhesive based on MS-Polymers. Fix All Crystal is completely transparent, outstanding bond strength on nearly all surfaces, high performance mechanical properties, very easy to tool and finish, good extrudability even at low temperatures and ecological advantages. All interior and exterior bonding and sealing applications.

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