About us

Sealfix Ltd is a family business which celebrated 21 years of trading in July 2018. The Company’s focus has always been to supply the glazing and building industries with high quality products, and an excellent service to match.  

As SOUDAL UK’s largest independent distributor, Sealfix has forged strong working relationships with all of our suppliers, ensuring a broad product portfolio that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for many customers.

Our constantly growing range of over 2500 quality product lines and ability to be responsive to demand allows us to exceed customer expectations at all levels in this competitive marketplace.  It is our intention to continue working with both new and existing customers for years to come.


                                                          Ascot Weekend - August 2019

Starting from top left: Christine, Simon, Nick, Anna, Paula, The Photobomber guy, Gabriel, Sarah, Charlotte, Ian, Kendal


                           Happy Anniversary Sealfix! 21 Years of Trading, July 2018

Starting from left: Simon, Nick, Christine, Ian, Gabriel, Will, Sarah, Joel, Kendal, Paula, Krissy



Back to Front: Sarah, Christine, Nick, Chloe, Becky, Simon, Krissy, Nikki, Ian & Gabriel - December 2017


Nicole, Krissy, Gabriel, Sarah, Chloe, Simon, Becky, Emily, Ian, Christine & Nick - December 2016


Top: Sarah, Simon, Gabriel, Emily, Nick, Christine, Ian. Bottom: Olivia, Nicole, Becky, Chloe, Krissy - Top Golf 


Luke, Becky, Nick, Krissy, Sammi, Chloe, Emily, Simon, Sarah & Ian (Sammi's Leaving Meal 28th August 2016)

Sarah, Krissy, Sammi, Chloe, Becky, Vivie-Anne, Simon, Emily & Nick - Dinner at The Star in Bentley

Dan, Ian, Simon, Nick, Becky, Sammi & Krissy - La Revedere Dan! 26th May 2016

Sealfix Christmas Work do - London Dec 5th 2015


Nick, Simon, Dan & Mark - 17th January 2015 London Dungeons


Simon, Mark, Becky, Nick, Krissy & Sammi - 13th August 2014 Pirate Island Aventure Golf


Nick at Tour De France London with Soudal - 7th July 2014