PENOSIL Insulation Foam

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New PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878 is a universal foam adhesive for various construction works both indoors and outdoors. Replaces traditional fastening by compound or with screws as a simpler, faster, cleaner, quieter and cheaper solution. 




  • 1000 ml/content 750 ml
  • 12 cans per box
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New PENOSIL EasySpray Sprayable Insulation Foam 700ml

PENOSIL EasySpray is a environmentally friendly insulation foam with special spray-applicator for the gun tip. Spraying gives an opportunity to insulate uneven or curved substrates and hard to reach places with smooth even layer of foam. Helps to reduce thermal bridges and prevent condensation.




  • Aerosol can 1000 ml,
  • content 700 ml.
  • 12 cans in a box.
£10.92 *
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Penosil Gun Grade Foam 750ml

Ready to use polyurethane gun foam for various building applications, e.g. sealing of joints and penetrations, thermal and acoustic insulating, installation of window and door frames.

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