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Adhesive Remover 400ml

Transparent solvent mixture suitable for removing fresh glue stains and for the cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces.

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Sealant Remover 400ml

Soudal Sealant Remover is a ready-to-use and fast-working spray based on terpenes for removing hardened siliconees and MS polymers. Can be applied on most surfaces, including aluminium, coatings, ceramics, laminated board, paint and certain plastics.

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Silicone Remover 100ml

Silicone Remover is a ready to use gel based on natural solvents which is used for removing polymerized silicone, MS Polymers (Fix All), Acrylic Sealants (Acryrub) and Polybutene Sealants (Butyrub).

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PU Remover 100ml

PU Remover is a ready to use gel for the easy removal of all remains of cured PU Foam.

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