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Soudal Soudalead 310ml

Soudalead PB is a high-quality neutral, elastical one-component joint sealant based on silicones.

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SOUDAL Aquafix 310ml

Solvent based plasto-elastic sealant that adheres onto most surfaces even when damp or under water. Ideal as an emergency repair product or as a general sealant where the job must be done even in the rain. Totally transparent. Easy to apply and tool. highly flexible.

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New SOUDAL Silirub AL 310ml

LOW MODULUS alcoxy neutral cure silicone sealant for use on polycarbonate and other difficult plastic materials. Does not cause stress cracking on polycarbonate. Permanent colour. UV resistant. Stays elastic after curing. Very good adhesion on most traditional construction materials. Virtually odourless. Primerless adhesion.

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New SOUDAL Soudafalt 310ml

Soudafalt is a one-component ready to use joint sealant based on bitumen.

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