Alpha Chem B1 Fire Foam 750ml

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AlphaChem B1 FireFoam is a high yield, high  specification, one part, PU  Expanding  Foam  is  ideal  for  the  filling  and  insulating  of  various joints, gaps and  cavities in  construction applications. In  certain joint configurations the product is fire rated, according to EN 1366‐4, and conforms  to  DIN4102‐B1  Fire  Class,  to  slow  down  the  passage  of flames  and  smoke.  AlphaChem  B1  Fire  Foam  has  excellent  acoustic and thermal properties. This product does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.   

Ideal for all applications where fire retardant properties are required, for example: 

  • Installation of door and window frames.  

  • Filling and sealing gaps, joints and cavities. Filling of penetrations in walls.  

  • Heat insulation of roof construction.  

  • Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations.  

  • Soundproofing and sealing partition walls.  

  • Bonding of insulation materials.  

  • Multi‐Purpose, adhesion and fixation. 

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