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A highly pigmented solvent based acrylic resin paint pen with weahter resistant properties. The unique value mechanism in the neck of the pen improves paint flow. This is designed for painting in mitre joints or corner grooves. Featuring a bullet tip for good general coverage, these pens have two repalcement tips stored in the plastic insert located in the base of the pen. The replacement tips consist of one bullet tip and a chisel tip for finer, more detailed work.

Please use the colour chart as a quide only. We cannot guarantee exact colour likeness. 

Available in the following colours:

Rosewood Mahogany Fabrication_White Slate_Grey Cream_White
Rosewood Mahogany Fabrication White Slate Grey Cream White
Irish_Oak Anthracite_Grey Bright_White Jet_Black Pure_White
Irish Oak Anthracite Grey Bright White Jet Black Pure White
Rustic_Oak Brownish_Oak Natural_Pine_Heart Natural_Pine_Sapwood Pine
Rustic Oak Brownish Oak Natural Pine Heart Natural Pine Sapwood Pine
Birch Natural_Maple Wenge Light_Rosewood Antique_Walnut
Birch Natural Maple Wenge Light Rosewood Antique Walnut
Dark_Alder_Honey Medium_Alder_Decor Medium_Alder Larch Beech
Dark Alder Honey Medium Alder Decor Medium Alder Larch Beech
Mud_Oak Light_Beech Brown Dark_Oak Medium_Oak
Mud Oak Light Beech Brown Dark Oak Medium Oak
Light_Oak Dark_Rosewood Teak Limba Dark_Macore
Light Oak Dark Rosewood Teak Limba Dark Macore
Light_Macore Dark_Pear Medium_Pearwood Dark_Mahogany Light_Mahogany
Light Macore Dark Pear Medium Pearwood Dark Mahogany Light Mahogany
Walnut_Brown Dark_Walnut Medium_Walnut Light_Walnut Dark_Elm
Walnut Brown Dark Walnut Medium Walnut Light Walnut Dark Elm
Light_Elm Red_Cherrywood Cherrywood
Light Elm Red Cherrywood Cherrywood


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