SOUDAL MS Seam Sealer (Sprayable) 290ml

SOUDAL MS Seam Sealer (Sprayable) 290ml

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Soudal MS Seam sealant is a high quality, completely neutral, single component fully elastic seam sealant. It is based on MS-Polymer®.

- Professional OEM-like finish
- High adhesion strength on most substrates
- High performance mechanical properties
- Permanent elastic after curing
- Can be painted wet-on-wet with waterborn paints
- Free of silicone, solvent and isocyanate
- Colourfast
- UV resistant


- For the sealing of welding seams and sheet metal connections in the  trunk, the motor area, in wheel bases, around suspensions and on all welding seems
- Protection of welding points
- Corrosion protection on spoilers, car trunks and wheel bases etc. Seam Sealer Data Sheet

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