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Fantastic product for cleaning and rennovating UPVC
from on 26/05/2020
My windows have been in for nearly 30 years and were looking tired and dirty even though they are still completely fit for purpose. Having cleaned them with normal detergent I discovered this product and decided to give it a go and wow, what a difference!

On windows that have been more sheltered, receiving only morning sun, a clean with this cream (applied with paper and rubbed off with a soft cloth) brought these 30-year-old windows up like new.

On those facing south and west that get the hardest bashing from wind, rain and sun, two cleans were necessary but the results were equally spectacular. Even some of the old silicone cleaned up enough to not have to replace it, though if it has discoloured, rather than just being grimy, it needs replacing!

The final part of the process is to wash the windows down with water and then dry, otherwise the first rain will cause spotting of the residual cream which then has to be washed off.

Finally, you don't need anywhere near as much as I bought. With 12 windows, ranging from 60cm to 1.8m, two doors and a 4m patio door, I purchased 3 litre bottles. However, to clean all of these once or twice as necessary I have used less than 1 litre.

Simply impressive!

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