Trade Mirror Adhesive Grey 290ml

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Mirror adhesive
HIGH PERFORMANCE alcoxy neutral cure, low modulus elastomeric adhesive for the bonding of mirrors. Bonds mirrors to most types of materials and surfaces, including uneven surfaces. The solvent free formulation does not react with the silver backing of traditional mirrors.

Featured properties:

  • Elastomeric adhesive
  • Highly flexible
  • Does not react with the silver backing of mirrors
  • Solvent free

Mirror Adhesive is a high performance, solvent free adhesive used for bonding traditional silver backed mirrors onto all common building substrates such as ceramic tiles, wood, concrete, stone, glass and metal. The highly flexible adhesive provides a strong, permanent bond that remains elastic once cured.

Before bonding, the backcoating of the mirror should be checked for damages (eg scratches). Do not bond a damaged mirror. Apply product with the enclosed triangular nozzle in vertical beads to the back of the mirror. Depending on the dimension and weight of the mirrors, beads should be placed at equal distances between 10 to 20cm from each other. Use a double sided mirror tape for an initial tack and to create the necessary ventilation behind the mirror.

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